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Ciramath was born into a middle-to-high class family, his parents were aspiring to be senators for the goverment of Noz'Dingard, a nation that is described as the "Dark sapphire", refering to the dark blue roofs of the castles resembling waters hiding a blue gem in the deep. Due to the nature of the work of his father, Ciramath didn't spend too much time with his dad, spending most of the time at school (yearning to be a high ranked politician) and with his mother from time to time. Being in an environment full of politics, discussions, speeches, news and preaching, Ciramath soon began to become interested on how the world was ruled and how the threads of the stage were woven.

His father's name is Amidaraxar Nehant, heir of the Nehant's family fortune and son of the ex-president of Noz'Dingard nation: Valentine Nehant-Mizar. Amidaraxar was involved since birth into politics as his father Valentine was a senator of the Noz'Dingard house of representatives. Heavily representing a conservative point of view, Valentine made clear that the best way to rule a country was through sheer amounts of power, demolishing the oposition and stating a very important message within the nation's heart: This world is constantly in danger, and it's up to its people and their governors to defend their territory and their loved ones. Creating the stage to the political party of the name "Asmoroth" the dragon that defends its territory no matter the cost.

During the ruling of Valentine's presidential term, the people of Noz'Dingard lived partially with fear, specially the opposition (and they had their good reasons, always branded as criminals), but at the same time, the oppresive regime actually did it's best to keep all kinds of danger right at bay, securing the safety and security of the people and the nation. And the Asmoroth party did their best to hold their position as long as they could and remain the rulers, but with time, change always comes.

People got enough of the current regime, they felt opressed, their rights and privacy denied and violated, it was time for a change: The opposition's political party was reborn by the name of Xenarath, the dragon that brings freedom and liberty for the people, clashing right into the ideologies of the Asmoroth's side. As time passed by, Xenarath gained more and more power, the people being tired of the black chains on the goverment decided at the official elections that a representative of the opposition's party would win the presidency and thus, change arrived at the nation of Noz'Dingard, but temporarly.

Through the years, a political war waged in the dark sapphire nation, Asmoroth vs. Xenarath. Totalitarism vs Liberalism. Not a single physical bullet was fired within the country, the war was taking stage at the house of representatives and through the local individual goverments and it was taking tolls on both sides, marking a deep wound in history.

When Amidaraxar was of a young age, he went into law school to pursue the dream of his father to re-establish the Asmoroth's goverment after a long time of the Xenarath to rule in Noz'Dingard, but in college he met Anryena Chevalier, a young girl aiming to maintain the status of the Xenarath party. At first sight it was obvious for Amidaraxar: one day or another he would fall in love with Anryena, she was the girl of his dreams but their political views clashed not only in the classroom, outside college as well. With time it didn't matter, not knowingly Amidaraxar's feelings were being corresponded, so regardless of their personal view of the world. Years later they married and had Ciramath.

The relationship of Ciramath's parents grew a sense of political duality for him. On one side, there would be nothing to rule if there was no people on the nation, war was always an option and always around the corner, and someone had to protect and defent the people of Noz'Dingard through power. On the other side, people's protection shouldn't take place at the cost of the rights of the people. People had the right to live in a place of freedom and individual choice, the constant discussions between his parents made Ciramath grow a goal in life: Search a form of new leadership, to change the nation and other places scourged by the same ordeal, where everything positive of every point of view would come into play, and to reach such goal, it would require him to stay awake every other night to get the best results in school, so he could go to college and strive to make his dream a reality.

Not having set a political party according with his personality, he began reading history books to help him understand how and why it was important for his kin to have a ruler, giving him some hunger for control, until something unexpected came to be.

Currently at home while he was studying from his books, at a very late hour that forced a high peek of concentration to stay focused, he was studying for a difficult test due to the following day. He was growing frustrated because he was aiming for the highest score like a promise to close the gap between him and his destiny, as he glanced over the pages and his hand passed over them, the pages apparently began to shine lightly and after a few seconds, a fire began spreading over his book, Ciramath was scared and he shut the book in a futile attempt to turn down the fire, as the whole book and the table under it set ablaze in the middle of the room, he got out of his room yelling for help as he went into his mother's room calling for help. As they went to his room, the fire was spreading through the floor but quick action taken lit the fire down with the help of some neighbors. Having no candles lit in Ciramath's room, he realized he was the cause of said fire.

After some discussion between his parents due to Ciramath's testomony about what happened, it was decided that Ciramath should go to a place where he could learn about the true nature of what he did, what happened in his room. The neighbors were afraid of him and staying with his parents would heavily affect his parent's political career. Thus not mattering the cost, it was planned to send Ciramath to an academy in hopes that he could control whatever caused the fire in his room and to maybe discover what could be his true nature. There was an absolute oposition from his parents as they remembered a well known event of a disaster at the place Ciramath was going, but after some repetitions of the same thermical event, there was no choice for Ciramath. But he made a promise to his parents: No matter what happens, he will come back home safe, he had a goal and a mission, and he would do everything in this power to achieve his goals and make his parents proud. To live in a nation no longer tore by a sectioned country. But to bring unity and stability.


Ciramath's physical combat skills rely mostly on speed to compensate for his lack of physical strength, and his fighting styles involves the use of weapons such as small swords, rapiers and knives; his swordmanship however is of a decent level as he was taught how to defend himself by one of his royal guards, and can be seen practicing with swords at the training grounds.

His eden related skills have been refined with time, for the boy to be able to use mainly fire eden-based techniques such as: Selective burning (Creates fire of different properties, so the user can burn through specific materials while leaving other components as unharmed as possible), Shaped firebolts (Creates firebolts that can be shaped and thrown of different forms and figures such as circles, squares, pyramyds and starts for example), Fireworks (A derivated technique from ice confetti, which is a firebolt that explodes on contact or after reaching a certain distance; the explosion resembles like common fireworks thrown into the sky), Ice confetti (An accumulation of ice eden that resembles thin shattered ice, thrown into the air that resembles confetti exposed at light), And ice bolt (An ice eden projectile that shatters upon impact, freezing the point of contact).

Ciramath normally relies on snapping his fingers as a somatic component for his eden usage, but when he is under heavy stress, Ciramath can use pyrokinesis and only needs to look directly at the target to produce a pillar of flames on it.


Teachers / Former teachers

Fantine Rêve

Alistair Haydn

Sofya Moriagorre

Sielith Sgiath Xenon

Dysdamion Argyros

Students / Former students

Evelyn Eiriol

Viveka Ermengilde

Helena Miyazaki

Daemyn Bancroft

Dervon Raedburne

Florencia Strouse

Kyle Akihisa Lindel

Aracelis Abdi Amariyah

Zoey Allegra Bluebell

Xena (Unknown last name)

Beacili Faas

Yuena Song

Tatsumi Lyra Arvencis

Momo Iroha

Sirsta NicSuilgeal

Saga Joan Locke

Aeollis Fjorde

Daryl Aurumhart

Elisabeth Lea Marie Vogel

Aislinn Menodora*

Gabe Shepherd

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