This is the list of all the official events launched by the students.

On these occasions, qualified players follow a set of guidelines and create artworks that reflects the theme of the events. Students then gain prizes, recognition, and possibly house points.

Event List Edit

  • PARA’de Fest
  • Mini-Halloween
  • Time to Celebrate and Reunite
  • Poetic Flower
  • Plant of My Own Meme
  • Garden of Virens

Tips Edit

Don't procrastinate to the very last hour - look into your schedule ahead of time. Break down how you want to approach this. One way is to plan what you want to draw, then actually draw and color it. For some others it is more complex and may take a longer allocated time. It is up to you.

If you are given a template, it's recommended that you work with the template size but on another layer before merging it into .png or .jpg.

Enjoy what you're drawing! It's amazing how far positive attitude can take you.