This is an event to start the 2015 Spring season and I would like to invite every member of Virens to participate in this event though members of other houses are allowed to participate as well:

The event encourages the participants to imagine and draw a garden of their own, an ideal garden where one would feel more comfortable and let one's emotions flow freely. Varying from a garden where one would meditate, feel comfortable and read a book, to a garden where one would like to confess one's feelings to a significant other~

Judges: recliff, Takaya-chan, and winnietehpoohie


The garden should be no bigger than 1000 sq ft (92.9 m²).

Try to stick to no more than six types of flowers.

Do your best to make sure students are able to enter and exit the garden safely.


Aohc Garden of Virens by s-hui

Winning Submission Garden of Virens by S-hui

1st Place - S-hui

2nd Place - vampkimi

3rd Place - Irismightlikepink