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150 lb (68 kg)



Element Affinity



Name: Helena Nerissa Miyazaki (nee Rosemary)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

DOB: May 26th

Race: Human and Nereid Parentage


-Water, the Ocean

-Swimming: Prefers Saltwater

-Shuto Miyazaki: Her Husband

-Singing, dancing, being lively

-Surrounding herself with people/being social


-Dry Landscapes: not having water nearby is terrifying for her and unhealthy

-Quiet, being alone

-Cold weather


Born on the island of Neovenicia, a tropical island composed of smaller islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. A sea-living/fishing culture with its crystal blue waters. Personal gondolas or other watercraft are required to travel from place to place. There’s a large port where large ships from all over travel to come trade in the Market.

Product of a brief romantic fling between her human mother Damara and a Nereid father named Romy. Romy, a sailor having travelled into port with his crew, had already sailed away on his ship not even knowing he had a kid with Damara. After several years her mother married Gregory Stein, a strict by-the-rules lawyer with a son from a previous marriage. Helena’s last name, Rosemary (meaning Dew of the Sea), comes from her father’s first name Romy, as it was the only name her mother knew of the father.

The Nereid bloodline she is from has been diluted over many generations, so few traits remain since her ancestors crossed from sea to land. All that remains is the trademark 3-pronged family ears resembling what once were fins and gills, ability to hold breath for long periods of time (easily 5 minutes under or to depths of 50m), strong swimming ability, water affinity(including water eden and preference for seafood), as well as a downfall dependence on water. Helena requires nearly double the amount of water than a normal human (be it from lounging in water to hydrate her skin or drinking it), and has to do more to keep herself hydrated daily when she’s out of the water or in a region with dry air. If she doesn’t stay properly hydrated, she will quickly fall ill.


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