Lenore was a sentient wall located in the common room of the Virens dorm, as old as the Virens building itself, according to her. She was a brick wall that was covered in green wallpaper. Because of the graffiti and carvings left on her walls throughout the years, she knew many random verses and student secrets. It is the only way for her to remember information, and she quickly forgets most other things, but she never forgets her feelings. Although often referred to as "she," based on her feminine name, Lenore does not have a gender. Not everybody can hear her, and she seems to communicate telepathically.

In the time of the Academy, she was first discovered in winter of Semester 2 by Noa Roan, who was staring awkwardly at her after an argument with his girlfriend Maria fon Schrutz, not knowing that the wall was sentient. Initially offended at the stare, she challenged Noa to come talk to her later, which he did, sneaking out of his bed at night to do so. She was revealed to be rather friendly and happy to have found someone who could communicate with her. It was during their initial conversation that Noa dubbed the wall "Lenore," and over time he continued to talk to her, telling her about his day and reading her poetry. Lenore cared a lot for her newfound friend, and was sad when he left. 

Noa: "What kind of name do you want, though? I-I guess. . . Fluffypuffs?"
Wall: ono Something elegant
Noa: "Oooh. Elegant huh. . . Lenore? Nevermore. . . nevermore. . ."
Wall: ouo I like that.
Noa: "Okay then! OuO Hello Lenore."
Noa names Lenore for the first time

Another student who knew of Lenore was Moribund Starsein; however he believed that the talking wall was a work of ill will, and on one occasion tried to burn her down. However, as Lenore was constructed out of brick, he only succeeded in charring the wallpaper.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

Since the Academy suffered massive destruction in the wake of the Semester 4 Exams, Virens dorm was heavily damaged and was necessarily rebuilt. Nobody knows if Lenore's spirit still lives on in the dorm, if her material was repurposed somewhere else, or perhaps her rubble is buried under the new building. Nobody seems to have heard her lately....