Character Sheet
Aoh sielith sgiath xenon by takaya chan-d6h9y7p


Sielith Sgiath Xenon





Hair Color:

Honey Blonde

Eye Color:

Blue Green

Skin Color: Dark Tan


173 cm / 60kg


January 10

Sielith Sgiath Xenon is a headstrong daughter of the matriarch of Chana Dhena. Currently she's the second in line to the leader of the country.As the fifth child of the matriarch of the country, Sielith grew up without much hardship. Since she had two older sisters, the chance of her leading the country in the future was slim, which granted her to rather carefree childhood. 

When she was 7 years old the council of Chana Dhena found extraordinary talent in gravity arts, Wind magic, and Water magic in her and it encouraged her to master the skill. As soon as she started to take a discipleship from Ogda Erekhada, one of the most powerful spell castors in neighboring Huselie Kingdom, she quickly displays her strong skills as a magi.

After the battle of Dhenelth, in which the majority of her family member got perished by the invasion of neighboring country, she decided to take the opportunity to teach at the academy to brush up her rebuild the war torn city and to bring the sunken temple of Efil in Chana Dhina desert back in the air. 


She is warm-hearted.



Equipment and Skills Edit


The Staff of Entropy


Gravity Arts

Water Magic

Wind Magic



Sethlie Adereil Xenon Edit

Sielith's twin brother. Currently the regency of Chana Dhena 

Amiharda Emelis Xenon Edit

Sielith's younger sister


  • many students and professors

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