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Vera Simons






160 cm :: 5'3" in


~*~S☆E☆C☆R☆E☆T~*~ (lol no really fat)



Element Affinity

Earth, but terrible at magic, so irrelevant.

Magic Type



May 30th

Blood Type



Her hobbies consist of photography, making money, making money, making money, collecting cat memorabilia and hiding it where nobody will find it, to name a few. Likes making money, business and trade, breakfast pastries, cats. Hates being interfered with, being confused, mildly mannered people, idealists, coffee, among other things (she hates more things than likes them).

Vera is a rather lazy person with things she dislikes to do - but when presented with something of interest to her, she jumps on it almost instantaneously with a firey passion. She lacks a motivation or hobby, and rarely finds things other than making money and doing business even remotely fascinating. She has a pact to herself to do things her way - and does things the way she sees fit, rather than the views and personal opinions of others. She has never been quite the type to care (or even notice, for that matter) what others seem to think of her, only seeing straight in front of her and the plowing path she plans to follow - the only things in sight being either the profit or the personal benefit.

However, this aspect of her personality can sometimes deter her from truly enjoying life as is, and she is quite reminiscent of a charging bull, only seeing the red flag in the distance and forgetting to look to the side and enjoy the scenery. Although she has a bright and daring personality, she is a bit pushy with the way she wants things to work - sometimes dragging others with her regardless of their consent or not.

Vera is actually quite the musician, despite her boisterous attitude - she can play a flourish of instruments, due to a richer upbringing. Despite being rather talented with instruments, her voice is awful (she's fatally tone-deaf). She also has a low Eden and can do literally no magic to speak of. Thanks to her parents, she has the access to a plethora of funding, although she prefers to use her own money, as she find it far easier to count on herself rather than others.

She has a strong dislike towards alcohol and those who drink it, due to her father being a heavy drinker (she dislikes the smell). Although she usually looks up to her father as both a role model and teacher, she dislikes it when his personality changes to that of a complete idiot when he becomes intoxicated. Not to mention that she herself can't hold liquor. At all.

Vera is incredibly childish when it comes to people she likes - she'll tend to throw tantrums when she feels that someone is "stealing their affection". In this term, she's almost insecure - being unused to friendships and the such, she'll be plainly put - a brat. She's also stubborn. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.

As her father is a businessman, she has been well-taught and taught herself well in the methods of trade (although not necessarily business ethics). Rarely found without a camera, she is always found taking pictures of other students (particularly the good-looking ones) and making a considerably large profit with them by selling the prints. She has gained a small reputation for this - and has an uncanny skill for stealth. It's not uncommon to wake up the next morning and realize that Vera has come in through the window to take pictures of your sleeping face.

As a person, she's not only mean - but she's scathingly so. She's the opposite of a romanticist - and sometimes disgustingly negative. She seems to take a joy in pointing out people's flaws and adding salt to wounds. She despises idealists - and won't hesitate to tell them so.

There's little a place that one can hide from Vera - she's quite creepy that way.


Vera is the daughter of a pair of aristocrats - her mother being a renown fortuneteller, and her father being a successful businessman working in separate countries- she'd always gotten what she had wanted since birth. This led to a slight lack of drive to do anything at all - given she never had to work for anything, it meant that she had absolutely no reason to strive for a goal in the future, until around the age of eight.

As she grew up, she spent more time hearing of the exploits of her ambitious father who worked overseas (whom had left for a journey when she was merely six), gaining a brightened admiration for the man and making an inward promise to herself that she would one day be just as prosperous as he, and that she would one day make him proud. Her image of her father was esteemed and glorified - and she saw him as the ultimate role model, near worshipping him out of pure and innocent adoration.

Along with the passing of years, Vera continued to work towards becoming like the idolized version of her father that she had created, studying the ways of trade and business, rather than spending her time outside socializing with any of the other children within the area. When Vera hit the age of twelve, her father came back from his business trip - bringing with him several presents for his precious daughter - of which included a multitude of dresses, small tabby kitten, and hand-crafted camera.

Overjoyed at her father's return, Vera did her best to impress the man with her extensive knowledge and interest in business. Needless to say he was pleasantly surprised (and ridiculously proud - he had always been the type to dote), but he realized over the following two years that she had long forgotten how to simply live without any distractions - her new focus aimed upon gain and fortune.

Well within her thirteenth summer, Vera had taken a dare to climb one of the tallest trees in the town while holding the cat (whom she had fondly dubbed "Cat") in her arms (hence meaning, no handholds to speak of) for a monetary prize resulting in both the death of her cat and the breaking of her right leg. Seeing this as a final straw, her parents made a decision and sent her to the prestiged Academy of Heroes the following year in hopes that she would learn that there was far more to life than fortune and fame. Feeling that what she had done to please her (already pleased) father quite simply wasn't enough - she packed her bags to the Academy and swore to herself that she'd work for the praise which she had been blind to, starting her career as a photographer.


Subsequent to her graduation from the Academy, Vera returned home to study business and finance in higher schooling--she at the time being continues to do so, and will continue to do so for only a few years to come. She dislikes the rigorous nature of the academics and the lack of her free will to run things the way she sees fit.

Perhaps she's changed a little thanks to those she's met, though--she's become more mellow, although her acrid tongue and quick wit have remained intact. She hopes that the people she's left behind will reach to greater heights and succeed, and that the people that she held fondly to her heart will live the ways they see fit as well. Not that she'll ever say that aloud, no, feelings are icky.


Vera possesses a minimal amount of Eden - her competency with magic hits a near zero. The only thing she is capable of is a slight amount of divination, a skill passed down from her mother.

However, unlike most fortunetellers, she is unable to see into the future - she is only able to replay about an hour worth of scenes of someone's past. However, she does this very rarely due to the fact that it's quite a strain on her - and because that crosses the line of privacy and ethics - even Vera (regardless of how ridiculously awful) doesn't fancy the idea of making someone replay the most secret parts of their lives on her own whim. If it had money involved in the transaction, however, she might consider it. Her divination, however, can also be triggered, depending on the situation, without her control.

She's used this ability on Gaven Loc Irsht'vatel, Nois Niraka, Sofiya Rowan, and Iva Nightsong's wyvern "Verny".


Those Vera holds dear receive the greatest amount of verbal abuse--however, they also receive an undying loyalty and an honest wish for their well-being--although Vera can be quite mean, so it's an unfair tradeoff for most.


Beryl Gruenewald Edit ["Fortunes can be changed; want to see yours?"]

Gender: Female Age: 18 League: 1 House: Virens

Notes: Beryl is currently Vera's roommate - whom Vera looks up to as a senior (although she'd never admit such). Being extremely fond of her, Vera will often try to get Beryl to come take pictures for business with her - something she is equally often denied. However, Vera considers Beryl her partner in crime, and gets along with her extremely well. Vera is a bit clingy to Beryl, as she is quite attached to her - she sees Beryl much like an older sister, and often gets a bit touchy should she feel that anyone may be "stealing her affection" (not that she'd admit this either). As of current, Beryl is one of the only people that Vera has yet to sell pictures of - she feels that would be a breach on respect (or the little respect for others Vera still has left).

Vera takes the chance to act even more childish than usual with Beryl, since her roommate has quite the maternal side.

Edel Bennett Edit ["I guess you could say I'm the type of person who loves romance novels but hates romance. Have you ever met that person?"]

Gender: Male Age: 17 League: 3 House: Virens

Notes: It's burning hatred for this child - and it's the childish type as well. Vera couldn't bear to say a single kind word about Edel - and that isn't quite because he's just a bad person to her. During a short meeting with him in the commons room with him, Sofiya somehow got involved in a spat between the two, in a way, becoming the object of argument. Of course, since Vera happens to be anything but mature, she acted accordingly.

Edel had planted quite the seed of doubt in Sofiya for Vera - and because of that question of her trustworthiness for Sofi at the time, Vera holds the utmost loathing for this new Virens recruit.

Croas SkolEdit

["Remind me...Why again?"]

Gender: Female Age: 17 League: 1 (Dropped) House: Virens

Notes: Vera throws her hate at Croas relentlessly, unafraid to use the many words she has in her arsenal as insults (although she has absolutely no physical strength to back her claims). After perhaps stepping a step too far by calling Croas a "whore", Vera was promptly slapped by Nois, proving to only strengthen her spite.

Vera also received a lengthy attack regarding her father via Croas - leaving her even more unsure and suspicious towards the love her parents give her. She may perhaps be a bit jealous of Croas as well - not quite because it happens to be Nois that loves her so much, but because someone is so blindly devoted to her in the first place. She despises the way Croas says that she has no choices, when she feels that the girl is merely far too much of a coward to go ahead and grab them.

Although she'll never accept Croas as anybody close to Nois (not that she has the right), she lets the situation go at times to tease Nois with - she picks the less hostile route of trying to persuade Nois that a choice other than Croas would be far more appropriate in terms of romance.

After realizing that Nois' romance ended in hardly the happy ending, she resents her.

Elda BelldenEdit ["I-I-It wa-wasn't m-me!"]

Gender: Female Age: 17 League: 2 (Dropped) House: Virens

Notes: This ghosty sweetheart caused quite the commotion in the Virens common room: due to her ability to see and communicate with ghosts, Vera got in a bit of trouble by getting on Elda's wrong side. They're rather good friends now, though, so such issues were put behind them.

Gaven Loc Irsht'vatelEdit ["Y'doin' okay there, pal?"] Gender: Male Age: 13 League: 1 House: Virens

Notes: Although she'll never admit it, she perhaps likes Gaven a little more than she'll let go -- and it'd be a lie to say she didn't care what happened to him, even if she says so. She met Gaven during a library excursion, during which he met his water golem summon named "Bob". She questions his thinking without fail - and can sometimes be quite the mother, picking at every nook and cranny of his thinking process.

She met with his parents and sister upon the promise that she'd be paid to take pictures as a family memoir of their time at the Spring Festival. For the mere joy of her own amusement, she introduced herself as Gaven's girlfriend, and receiving quite the reaction from both his family (particularly his sister) and her target - Gaven himself. Upon the grounds of being his girlfriend, she demanded that he take her for cake (and not of the cheap sort), whilst oh-so-maturely arguing with his six-year-old sibling. Although the misunderstanding of her being his girlfriend has been long clear, she still uses the incident like a "bartering chip" against Gaven when teasing him (although often, it backfires).

Gaven had been putting strain on his body by using his eden - which put him in the infirmary more often than not. For any friend, it'd be worrying certainly: but for Vera, it was positively terrifying. Although she'll never be vocal about the emotion, she had been far more scared than she'll let up -- which, of course, is just translated as "angry".

Despite their routine fights, an eventful Winter Ball turned a "like" into a little bit more. Adding to the things she'll never say aloud, she looks forward to the day she gets to see him again. And charge him twenty dollars again.

Iva NightsongEdit ["Have you met my sister? She's in my pocket."]

Gender: Female Age: 17 League: 1 (Dropped) House: Virens

Notes: Vera has a soft spot for Iva - who is someone she considers close to an older sister. Although Iva is gentle at times, Vera's aware that Iva can pack a punch (after all, she's been on the receiving side of it). Perhaps one of Vera's best female friends, Iva is someone she holds dearly in regards of friendship. She respects Iva for her determination.

Leonus James Craft Edit ["I have seen Hell... I call her mom."]

Gender: Male Age: 18 League: 1 House: Virens

Notes: When becoming acquainted with Leonus, Vera found him the silent-and-mysterious type. She was hell bent on getting to know him better in the most twisted ways possible (not that she's twisted at all, what on earth are you talking about?). However, due to a recent meeting, in which she ticked him the clearly wrong way -- and nearly got herself killed, she's taking second thoughts.

Lygi Astele Edit

[NO LINK] ["N/A"]

Gender: Female Age: 16 League: 1 (Dropped) House: Virens

Notes: Quiet, reserved - and somehow, the mediator between Vera and Skyler. True to the rest of the ambiguity of the Academy though, Lygi looks a bit like a boy (BUT VERA SEES THROUGH THAT, LYGI HAS EYELASHES, YEAH, YOU HEARD ME).

Nois NirakaEdit ["I know what I must do, that's why I believe!"]

Gender: Male Age: 17 League: 1 House: Virens

Notes: Upon laying eyes upon him, Vera deemed his "moe level" far too low - and proceeded to dress him in skirts. Needless to say, he looks quite good in them. Upon another meeting, she found him to be far different - a touch more serious and strangely unhappy - Vera wanted to get to the bottom of this - although her lack of motivation proved to be an obstacle.

A meeting in the courtyard of the Academy sealed Vera's opinion on Nois, which is easily described in a single word. "Stupid" would be her immediate description of the boy, and she's quite adamant on saying so, due to his apparently equally "stupid" ideals. During their talk, he mentioned a girl named "Croas" - assumably the object of Nois's affections and his current motivation for trying to change said girl's future. Vera told him that any of his efforts are useless and stupid, and that regardless of what he did, that he should be reminded that there is a reality to everything - to which she was only replied with a smile and a promise that he would not fail.

Despite the fact that she verbally abuses him on a daily basis, her faith in him grew to a completely different level. Admittedly, she might have even been rooting for her "big brother" just a bit.

Upon the realization that his promise had barreled into the ground headfirst, she only wishes to say "I told you so". Secretly, she hopes that he finds happiness elsewhere, although she'd like very much to smack him around with a teakettle before he even tries.

Ruben Varanolde Edit

[NO LINK] ["I'll think about it."]

Gender: Male Age: 15 League: 1 House: Virens

Notes: Her first impression of Ruben was that of a more quiet and serious type - but as she began to get to know him better, she found him to be far more warm than he had originally come off as. She takes pleasure in dressing him in girl's clothes - one could say it was a form of affection (although it's affection of the profitable type).

Skyler LokenEdit ["Wanna run that by me again?!"]

Gender: Male Age: 17 League: 1 House: Virens

Notes: Where Nois is the dog-boy older brother of hers, Skyler is someone that she holds an honest dislike for. Although his friend Lygi is very sweet, Skyler is brash and rough - a personality that's a little too similar to Vera's for her liking. He's quite intimidating too, so she's actually rather afraid of him (not that she acts like it).

Sofiya RowanEdit ["If I may~"]

Gender: Female Age: 15 League: 2 House: Virens

Notes: Cute and gentle - Vera's got quite the soft spot for this kind (and rather curvy) friend of hers. Although they've only spoken a few times, bunny ears and cat costumes spell instant bonding for Vera, so they've become quite the pair. Although she gets a little touchy-feely with Sofiya, she regards her with an honest sense of respect, and absolutely adores the pale-haired beauty.

One of her most precious friends, a strange sense of affection for the money Sofiya brought has taken a complete heel turn, transforming into an ardent devotion. For Sofiya, she only wants the best, and she's determined that Sofi (as she's come to call her) gets just that. Although she knows that perhaps it won't happen, her greatest efforts go into ensuring that she does her best to try and make them.


Crim SulefurEdit ["Let's live for the present, not the past or future."]

Gender: Male Age: 21 League: 1

Notes: Vera's absolutely bewildered with this new addition to her cast of classmates - at one point, he's bent on causing her physical harm - and at the next, he's a perfectly-mannered and irritatingly indecisive (according to her) gentleman. She tells him that he bothers her - namely because of his family heritage - being connecting to Hyrum, namely. He really just confuses her - although to Vera, that's quite enough grounds to deem someone annoying.

She doesn't hate him, though. No, really.

Feito KleinEdit ["Mm... I'll be gentle."]

Gender: Male Age: 17 League: 1

Notes: A rather kind person, and quite the lovely friend, Vera sees Feito as a valuable customer - and treats him as such. However, given her personality, she seems to get in his way quite a bit - regardless, she's always willing to wave a few photos of nude men in his face - as long as there happens to be compensation involved. It's fun to mess with Hyrum using him, she's noticed -- and luckily, Feito is good-natured, so it's easy to get along with him anyways.

Hyrum SulefurEdit ["Please be gentle~"]

Gender: Male Age:18 League: 1

Notes: Vera's self-declared rival. She insists on calling him "Shorty" - although they happen to be the same height. She's taken more pictures of Hyrum than any other student in the school, claiming that it's payback (for what is still unclear) - but in truth Vera is really just a bit jealous of his cheery attitude and the way he seems to make friends so easily. She's beginning to run out of things to insult him with - other than the always not-so-welcome "Shorty". When Hyrum's around, she's quick to jump into an argument - he brings out some of the most annoying parts of her bad side.

She absolutely adores egging him on - and although she truly wants to be Hyrum's friend, her personality can let loose nothing but insults. Despite that, she really does consider him a friend, though. Secretly.

Maria TenebraeEdit ["What are you doing?"]

Gender: Female Age: 15 League: 1 (Dropped)

Notes: Vera met Maria through Gaven- it seemed like the two were quite close. Speaking of her was perhaps the first time that caught a proper glimpse of Gaven's selflessness.

She finds Maria to be surprisingly sensible, and quite the character. A very determined and curious girl, to say the least. Too bad she's left the academy - Vera was hoping for pictures.

Serge (Teacher)Edit ["........"] Gender: Male Age: Unknown League: 1 Notes: Vera seems to have become employed underneath him. For what reason, she has no idea, but the pay is quite adequate, so he's got her by a leash without a doubt.

Tsu RobbleeEdit ["Winter=Funny Hats."]

Gender: Female Age: 14 League: 1

Notes: Hitting full marks on Vera's MoeMeter, Vera is absolutely set on turning Tsu into one of her models. They've only met once, but Vera's got quite the thing for cute girls anyway.


Aion JericoEdit ["Hn...."]

Gender: Male Age: 20 League: 1

Notes: Quiet and reserved, Vera often finds him siding with Hyrum (ultimately infuriating her due to her overly competitive spirit). She is, however, quite fond of his counterpart Dion, who happens to be one of her favorite (albeit, most agreeable) models.

Elliot Lewin (Teacher)Edit ["There are things better than sorcery--EH what do you mean I can't use magic?!"]

Gender: Male Age: 29 League: 1 (Dropped)

Notes: Vera felt just a bit bad after plotting to blow up his classroom (something she never did quite get to) - she admires him quite a bit due to the fact that he also has a low Eden and holds a post as a teacher.

ElroyEdit ["Shut it."]

Gender: Male Age: 18 League: 1

Notes: The only few times that Vera's run into Elroy have been on the instances of using his wallet. Past that, she's seen nothing but his strangely cold-natured temper -- but she's well aware that he and Dion have it... Going on, should those be the words. she has the pictures to prove it too

Lucien Nephalim Edit ["Don't worry... The pain will only last an instant. Kehehehe~"]

Gender: Male Age: 15 League: 2

Notes: Lucien's put Vera in mortal peril (supposedly) more than just a few times - she's quite sure that she absolutely detests him. Although he's clearly quite the looker, and even more clever, she's anything but kind to him - and he's anything but kind to her.

There's a sort of loathing for him that Vera holds, merely because she can't seem to argue with him and win.


[NO LINK] ["Let's have some fun this beat is sick, you wanna take a ride on my disco stick?"]

Gender: Male Age: 18 League: 1 (Dropped)

Notes: A living example of Vera's deduction that "The Academy of Heroes is full of two things only - people to take pictures of, and the perverts who buy them". Romulus happens to be one of her more lewdly tuned customers - quick to buy and even quicker to use someone else's money to do so, Romulus is a charismatic bundle of energy - and one of Vera's best customers. Their relationship is purely business - although Vera has called upon him for being an awful friend when he refused to assist her during a run-in with Iah (not that she'd have helped him back to make it mutual in the first place).


Celie Sylvia Eiriol (Teacher)Edit ["Ice cream is my elixir!"]

Gender: Female Age: 13 League: 1

Notes: Adorable and perky, Vera can't help but like this sweet little ice queen - after all, she's got a cute face, and isn't too shabby in terms of looks.

Perfect for a model. The only problem is finding a way to actually get pictures without getting killed.

Connor HarrisonEdit ["...Can you see them too?"]

Gender: Male Age: 16 League: 1 (Dropped)

Notes: Although she doesn't know much about Connor, Vera will admit that he's certainly very pretty. He hangs around with Elliot quite a lot, though -- that's enough to tick her a little.

Kairi KyrosEdit ["~~*Hug*~~"]

Gender: Female Age: 26 League: 1

Notes: Vera's willing to admit that she's fond of Kairi - but it's not as much Kairi that she's fond of as it is her dog Mars. Despite her hate of dogs in general, Vera's actually a bit attached to the little puppy. Kairi's actually quite helpful to have around - and thanks to the trip to Purupuru Island, Vera can say that she actually regards the girl as her friend. (Secretly).

Madison "Sunny" WellsEdit ["This'll be fun~!"]

Gender: Female Age: 16 League: 1 (Graduated)

Notes: A new renounced rival to Vera's business - Sunny has a camera phone. Vera is bent on destroying it. Business competition? That, she certainly doesn't want.

Panko (Teacher)Edit ["....Bread please?"]

Gender: Male Age: 10 League: 1 (Student), 2 (Teacher)

Notes: Rekindled Vera's previously-simmered (HA BARELY) love for cats. Panko is another one of the small amount of people she doesn't sell pictures of within her "shop" - needless to say though, she's taken plenty of them - all of which are on the door of her closet. She doesn't plan to part with them any time soon either.

Perhaps he's fired up Vera's secret pedophile-senses too.

Spice Edit ["Gimme the chocolate bunnies....nomnom >:3"]

Gender: Male Age: 13 League: 1

Notes: Another one of her customers -she'll willingly admit that the business is soaring between them. She's actually quite fond of him - given that he had invited her to the winter ball. He's a sort of partner-in-crime for her - to be frank, she's still not so sure what to make of him, but she absolutely adores those ears of his.

He's taken into the business of selling organs, apparently. Vera's not sure what to make of that either, but it supposedly makes good money.


Amadeus Benedict ["I'm such a sinner."] Gender: Male Age: 18 League: 1 (Graduated) Notes: On the instance that Vera met Amadeus, it was during a quick trip for ice cream - and it was almost to easy to coerce the flirt (could it be called coercing? She barely worked for it--) into buying her one. Two, actually.

Hanine Winifred Caramelle [NO LINK] ["H--how rude! I'm older you know!"] Gender: Female Age: 15 League: 2 (Dropped) Notes: Hanine has a surprisingly cute disposition - although easy to anger, Vera's quite aware that it happens to be even easier to make the poor girl blush. Employing her through a debt, Vera has given Hanine a camera and a job - in return for a set of pictures and subscription of all photos of a certain object of Hanine's affection. Vera is actually quite fond of her, although Vera's pushy personality tends to cloud over her affection in the long run.

Countess Lainy of Riverside ["Hey there~ <3"] Gender: Female Age: 18 League: 1 (Graduated) Notes: Lainy is perky and busty - just the kind of person that Vera loves. Vera's got a whole two notebook pages on this girl and her daily schedule - she's made it her mission to get as many pictures of her as she possibly can.

Mei Vianen (Examiner) ["I'm such a sinner."] Gender: Female Age: 17 League: 1 Notes: Vera met Mei during the Winter Ball - and the two had quite the time getting Joel in more than hot water with Iah. Although Mei is a little absent at times, Vera thinks she's very... Interesting.

Or at least, busty.

Mocha ["How may Mocha.... Be of Service...?"] Gender: Female Age: 17 League: 1 (Dropped) Notes: Vera finds Mocha rather quiet - they've rarely spoken. However, she harbors no dislike for Mocha, and finds her actually quite kind. She doesn't know her too well, really.

Princeton Raymond Price Junior ["It's a girl, I swear!"] Gender: Male Age: 17 League: 1 (Graduated) Notes: One of her models, Vera delights in how agreeable Ray is to being taken pictures of - and is equally pleased with how good he looks in girl's clothes. You somehow get the feeling that they'll be quite successful as business partners.

He's been eerily different lately, though.


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