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Yuena Song

Yuena Song, is an Ice-Dark edan user who is the daughter of a Ice maiden and Dark master mage. She arrived in the Academy of Heroes campus to make new friends. She has a large edan capacity but is limited by her limiter.


Her mother is an ice maiden, and her father is a magician (master of dark magic). Both of her parents have large amount of Eden, which Yuena inherited but cannot control well & she is afraid it will cause harm to those around her (hence her limiter). She spent most of her life in a snow-covered mountain and only spent a couple years at the bottom of the mountain with her father where normal human resides. 


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Born with long black hair that reaches her hip bone, and has one strand of hair coming down from the middle to the viewer's right side of her face. Only under full moon or enhanced environment, her hair turns completely white with a hint of silver, like her fellow Ice maidens. 


Specialized in Dark & Ice. Quite capable in Water, and appears to know a bit of Fire and Wind. She struggles to perform any thing related to Suppressive Arts that does not use her usual Dark or Ice.

Aura: Similar to her fellow Ice maidens, she is able to emit an Ice aura that freezes her opponents in place. In combination with her inherited trait from her father, she is able to have a combination of both Ice & Dark aura to freeze physically or mentally the opponent in fear.

Healing: She is capable of using Light edan to heal others, but is more familiar with using her own blood or water as the healing mechanism. 

Speaking with creatures: Following her mother's footsteps, she is growing to understand other creatures' language but is not fluent and skilled enough to communicate with creatures outside the forest ones she have interacted with.

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Yuena's Bow & Arrows


She is capable of forming other types of weapons but due to habit and familiarity, her weapon of choice is the bow that is fused with Dark and Ice eden magic, and arrows that are made of the similar kind of magic.

Depending on the combination of edan input and the type of Magic she uses in the arrows, she is able to increase the speed, effects or range. 


  • Her limiter appears as an earring; has 3 levels and she can only release the first level with the permission of a staff member or her guardian parents. Each level allows her to access more of her eden.