Character Sheet
Yuki - Virens Uniform - Remanoir


The Light Element Professor



Race: Human(?)



Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Gold (right), Blue (left)


6'3 / ???


January 01

Main Element: Ice
Sub Element: Light

"The only 'fate' that befalls you are the one of your own making." - Yuki


Sarcastic Bastard | Secretive | Workaholic 

Likes Edit

  • Ancient Tomes
  • Dawn
  • Not You

Dislikes Edit

  • Fire
  • Insincerity
  • The Abyss
  • Not You

Hobbies Edit

  • Research
  • Cooking




Item of Interest Edit

The Cane

  • A Silver/Metallic walking cane. It can transform into a lance, scythe, and a rod.

The Halo

  • An obsidian-like object floating near Yuki's head. It's origin and purpose are unknown. It's the source of many rumor and gossip alike in the academy. It often change it's shape but remain disc like through out all reiteration.

Elemental Affinity Edit

Magistral Level

  • Ice

Synthetic Level

  • Light

Refined Level

  • Earth | Wind | Water

Basic Level

  • Dark | Lighting


  • Fire

Skill Set Edit


Sealing Arts

Combat Arts

Miscellaneous Information Edit

  • Yuki is partially deaf in both ears. Feathers makes not a good pair of working ears. In thanks to Professor Julius's research and efforts, the impurity eden in his system is slowly disappearing. However, it would take time for it to disappear completely, never minding the unknown long term effects. Yuki gets by with lip reading and eden enhanced learning.
  • Due to the unplanned vacation in the Abyss, the good professor's other gift from the Abyss came in the shape of a lame left leg. Sometimes it gives him phantom pains.
  • The Cactus; a gag gift from Professor Kaeddyn. It now as a bloom on it's head.
  • The last name Y'hahli has no meaning. Traditionally, back in his kingdom, a last name determined the status of the individual. But because he is not recognize by his kingdom anymore, he was striped of his last name earned and given a nonsense last name. Y'hahli; of nothing.